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Welcome, and thanks for visiting Geneagraphy.com!  Genea- means “family,” and –graphy means “writing;”  Geneagraphy is here to help you find the story of your family's past and preserve it for the future.  Geneagraphy was established in 2009 and has grown out of a life-long love of family history and genealogy.

We can help you discover and record the history your family made in all parts of what is now the United States.  Thanks to consistent demand, we are also becoming increasingly well able to help with family who lived in Scandinavia, particularly Sweden.

Would you like help finding out about your heritage?  Would someone you know like help finding out about theirs?  Have you...

  • a need for some help getting started or organizing your information?
  • heard an old family story that you wonder about being true?
  • been baffled by the avalanche of family-history information on the internet?
  • checked everything on the internet you know of but wonder if there's still more out there?
  • reached the point at which additional discoveries are more likely to come from physical, off-line sources than from internet sites?
  • obtained versions of your family history that that can’t all be right because they disagree, run contrary to history, or don’t make sense in some other way?
  • got too many branches in your family tree to research and not enough time to do it all?
  • had great success in collecting records about your progenitors, but now want someone to help you write it into a high-quality family history, with sensitive but accurate & correct prose, integrated pictures, and proper footnotes & bibliography?

Geneagraphy can help with all these family history challenges, and more!  Geneagraphy staff have the scientific and historical education, the research and writing experience, and the investigatory skills with both internet based and brick-and-mortar repositories to help you find the answers to your genealogical questions as quickly and efficiently as possible (see About Us).

Located in the center of Seattle (King County), Washington, USA, Geneagraphy has access to some of the best internet infrastructure in the nation for web based research.

Geneagraphy also has convenient access to the excellent libraries, archives, and other research resources of the Pacific Northwest’s most populous region.  A few of the physical repositories in Seattle itself include:

There are also prime genealogical research sites in nearby communities, within easy commuting distance from the Geneagraphy office.  These include:

If your family history project could use a boost, get help from Geneagraphy.  We have noted our excellent research access above.  Click Services to see how we can put that access to work for you.  Alternatively, if you are ready to move your project ahead now, you may go directly to Getting Started.  Notes on our backgrounds and skills are on our About Us page.  Geneagraphy has the capacity and drive to get things going immediately for you and your family!